Wedding Package

Remember that one magical moment when you knew you wanted to make a lifelong commitment to another person? Spend the most beautiful day of your life where natural lighting perfectly accentuates any motif of your wedding only at The Pinnacle Hotel and Suites. Perfect for any special occasion!

Debut Package

Let her shine as she steps into the world of adulthood. Be splendid in traditional and modern debut celebration at The Pinnacle Hotel and Suites as a major milestone takes part in her life.

Birthday Party

Celebrating your birthday with loved ones has always been near and dear to everyone’s heart! Make every birthday special and memorable with The Pinnacle Hotel and Suites as birthdays only come once a year, so choose to make it a meaningful time for your loved ones.

Kiddie Party

For many children, their birthday is their favorite holiday, and what is better than throwing the ultimate party to celebrate it? Kiddie Parties should be exciting, so choosing the right venue must be examined as the main goal is to entertain a young crowd. The Pinnacle Hotel and Suites is just right for your special needs!

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Baptismal Package

Baptism is a powerful reminder that we belong to Jesus. Following him is not a onetime decision but a lifelong journey. If you are looking for a perfect venue in celebrating baptism The Pinnacle Hotel and Suites is just for your special occasion!

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